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T H R E E . 2 0 2 0 . G O A L S

Initially, I was preparing to write a long list of goals, with category labels, like “Career + College” & “Love & Relationship” . Then I stumbled on a Forbes blog page titled, “Make 3 Goals in 2020 — No More, No Less”. And I must admit, I love the idea behind this. Typically, I’m a …

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A Positive and Healthy Lifestyle

Negativity consumes and drains our body. In order to live a healthy and positive life, we have to remove anything negative from our space. Eliminate all toxic aspects of our life. De clutter and reevaluate ourselves, ask ourselves what makes us happy. Happiness starts from within. Allow our minds to break down every part of …

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Toddler Mom Must Haves: Our Favorites

This post highlights some of my favorite products that I’ve purchased for me and my little one within the last few months. Some products I may have mentioned on my Instagram but we absolutely love all of these products. All images are linked to the direct product so feel free to check them out. Each …


The Feelings We Share

The feelings we share were never expected, but The feelings we share have been accepted, sometimes The feelings we share is what tear us apart.  The feelings we share are indescribable, and The feelings we share are undeniable.  The feelings we share don’t define our love, and The feelings we share don’t determine our future. …

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Liebster Award

I would like to thank Jennifer from HeyJenniferJones for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It was definitely unexpected but I am forever grateful and glad she found interest in my blog. Hi! My name is Jennifer and I have a travel and lifestyle blog called I share photos, stories, and tips from the …