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T H R E E . 2 0 2 0 . G O A L S

Initially, I was preparing to write a long list of goals, with category labels, like “Career + College” & “Love & Relationship” . Then I stumbled on a Forbes blog page titled, “Make 3 Goals in 2020 — No More, No Less”. And I must admit, I love the idea behind this. Typically, I’m a person all about details, especially when making lists but thankfully I’m open to change. Not to say that my detailed list wasn’t working, but I agree with the writer — doing less, accomplishes more.

2 0 2 0 G O A L S

Career + College

Financial + Business

Health + Wellness

Love & Relationship

This year, I didn’t achieve my goals intentionally, 2019 was a year full of triumph. These achievements happened as a result of something — whether it be death, health, or strength. I was able to turn my struggles into life changing experiences/achievements. And without those struggles there wouldn’t have been much growth or knowledge gain. I’ve managed to find + love myself again, after losing myself to this crazy motherhood life. Although I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am now mentally prepared for whatever life throws my way {#2, maybe? haha. j/k}.

After 1.5 years of setting this goal, I finally started practicing yoga. Not because I intended to, but the health complications I experienced this year left me with no choice. Honestly, it would have probably been in my “Health + Wellness” category above. I’m saying this to say, because whether you’re an unintentional goal achiever, like myself. Or you’ve finally achieved one of your goals after 5 years… it’s okay! Each morning we wake up to see another day, you’ve already achieved something! 

T H R E E . 2 0 2 0 . G O A L S

  1. Gain financial independence
  2. Improve Physical Health
  3. Acquire More Knowledge


Now that I’ve set my three goals, I see how this method of goal setting can be practical and effective! Try setting only three goals for 2020, and see how simple goal setting can be beneficial to achieving more goals.

To many more achievements, and a year full of healing, happiness, and prosperity.