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Self Care Tips For Moms

It’s a new year, let’s put self care on your to do list!

Being a mom is the most rewarding, yet hardest job there is. We spend so much time caring for everyone else, we forget to care for ourselves. Sometimes we feel bad for treating ourselves or even just spending the day relaxing but we shouldn’t! We deserve a break too! In order to be the best mom we can be, sometimes that’s just what we need.

If you’re mom you definitely know our job is never done, we’re constantly cleaning up messes, wiping stinky butts, preparing meals, and doing just about everything. We definitely need that ‘mommy alone’ time to ourselves in order to function and to get these things done.

Self Care for moms is an essential part of a healthy mind and life. It isn’t an option. Everyone feels because we are women, we are meant for this job and should be able to do it all without a break, physically and mentally. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, THAT IS NOT THE CASE! No matter how strong you are, being a mother can be stressful for any women and sometimes extremely detrimental to our mental health.

Self Care isn’t optional and it isn’t something we should do once every 6 months, instead something we need to add to our daily routines, whether it be when we first wake up or before we go to bed, it needs to be done!

Although it is so important, there is very little talk about self care and mental health when it comes to being a mother. & WE, AS MOTHERS, NEED TO CHANGE THAT! I know sometimes it can be challenging to address our thoughts and feelings because we are viewed as such strong humans but in order to get the help we need, we must be open to communicate, it is okay to ask for help.

We need to inform our partners and families about the importance of this time and how it can affect our mental health as well be able to understand the dangers it can cause if ignored.

I’ve put together a list of five self care tips that can help you take care of YOU!!

1. Stay Active
– Going for a quick morning/evening walk to keep your mind and body active. Try meditating or doing yoga. Anything that can help your mind relax and your body moving, do it.

2. Pamper Yourself
    – Grab your favorite lush bath bomb, light a candle and take a long relaxing bath. Get a mani/pedi. Apply your favorite face mask. Anything you can think of that puts the focus on you, do it.

3. Start A Journal
    – Starting a journal could really be your escape to addressing your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to someone, so instead take the time each day to write about how you’re feeling, the thoughts you’re having, goals/affirmations you have. Just let your thoughts flow freely and write. TRUST ME when you’re finished, you will feel so relieved.

4. Get Connected
 – Connect with other like-minded women whether it be online or in person. Plan a date with your close friends/family. Join a local women/mom group. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and socialize.

5. Find a new hobby
– Doing something you love is an easy way to take care of yourself. Try out a new yoga/dance class, do arts and crafts, create something meaningful, find a good book about self care/love or whatever you may find interesting. Just find some alone time and do something you enjoy.

Let’s chat, feel free to comment and tell me how you practice self care at home! Share your self-care routine with me!