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Pumping 101: Must Have Essentials

When I first started my exclusively pumping journey in 2016, I didn’t have a clue what it meant to be an exclusive pumper, or what I was getting myself into. It was definitely a learning experience with trials and errors but I was able to do it, nonetheless. If you haven’t checked out my post on my experience, be sure to check it out.

Whether you’re an exclusive pumper or just pumping for relief..I have compiled a list of some of my favorite items I used during my pumping journey & trust me when I tell you, these items will be your best friend!

Portable Breast Pump: When I started pumping, I was using a second hand spectra S2 pump I bought from someone on Craigslist (with new parts, of course) but that didn’t last long, the suction wasn’t strong enough and I was constantly engorged with mastitis. After doing some research, I decided I wanted to stick with the spectra but with a newer model.. so I purchased a Spectra S1 —- this pump is AMAZING! Not only is it portable, it has hospital strength suction to help empty your breast completely. NO MORE ENGORGEMENT OR MASTITIS! After using this pump for a few days, I noticed an increase in my supply. The portability is a huge plus when your exclusively pumping, since you may be pumping for up to a hour some days. There’s just so much you could do in an hour, why not check off your to do list in the meantime. Plus it’s super quiet, unlike other pumps you won’t have to worry about baby waking up.

Milky Mama Snacks: Supply running low? Need an extra boost? Grab some milky mana snacks! These snacks taste absolutely delicious, my favorite is their brownies. They’re sweet and taste like regular brownies but the power is in the ingredients. They really help with maintaining and increasing your supply (& your sweet tooth!)

Pumping Bra: My pumping Bra was literally a LIFESAVER during my journey. Being able to pump hands-free is important especially as a mother, mommy duties never stop! This one was super easy to use, with the zipper in the front you’re able to easily take it on and off without any help.  

Milk Storage System: The Medela Storage System made it super easy to store my milk once I was finished pumping. My favorite thing about these bottles is they come with labeling lids to help you stay organized. It also comes with a tray, which definitely came in handy when it was feeding time to know which bottle was next.

Pump Log App: OMG!! I can’t say enough about this app! It came in so handy when I had a drastic drop in my supply. Being able to keep a log of each pumping session and how much milk I pumped really helped with feedings and keeping a steady supply. I even have the app still downloaded on my phone with all my pumping logs and milk supply.

Breast Therapy Pack: (just writing this is giving me the chills) But when it comes to engorgement and clogged milk ducts, this therapy pack is INCREDIBLE! The relief it gives when you use it warm while pumping is just amazing like this is a must have staple even if you’re not pumping. It really helps to loosen clogged ducts and allows for smoother milk flow. This should definitely be on everyone’s baby registry list.

Fenugreek: Whether you need an extra boost or your supply is running low, fenugreek will always come in handy! Anytime I experienced a drop in my supply, I would take 2 capsules and do a power pump session and by the morning, I would pump a full 16oz. – sometimes more. Fenugreek is a natural herb used by many mothers to increase milk production.

I really hope this list will help some of you who are struggling with pumping, have a friend whose pumping or just curious for the future. Feel free to share your pumping experiences with me and/or your favorite pumping supplies!

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