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Let’s Talk Fashion: #AmiyaWears

What Do I Look For When Shopping For My Daughter?

I’m a person that’s all about style and originality. Growing up I’ve always had a love for fashion, so when it comes to shopping for my daughter. I look for unique and trendy stores/boutiques.

Whether it be searching for handmade shops on Instagram, sold out merchandise on BST Facebook groups, or looking through Zara’s new collection. I’m constantly shopping for clothing for her.
As long as I can remember I always had a kids fashion board on Pinterest, seeing children in trendy clothing other than your ordinary carter’s 2 piece sets, absolutely blows my mind. So, I would have to say shopping for the “mini versions” of the latest trends is definitely my go-to look when dressing her.

If someone was the ask me, “What is one of my favorite things about being a mother?”, aside from the unconditional love and gushy stuff. . I’d probably say shopping for my daughter. That’s like one of my all-time favorite things to do. I love being able to dress her up and honestly, her personality is on a 100 when she knows she’s putting on a cute outfit {mainly because I hype her up, haha}.

But she’s definitely a mini fashionista, she loves showing off her new clothes and shoes!

Trendy Doesn’t Mean Expensive

LavenderSunCo Anise 2 Piece Set
Old Navy Basket Weave Sandals

One of the biggest concerns most people have when shopping for their LO is affordability. How affordable is it to shop based on trends? Honestly. . It can be very affordable especially when shopping small. There are tons of mamas with shops that totally understand that being a mother is hard and can be pricey, and their prices reflect just that.

I’ve come across some amazing brands that offer trendy clothing and affordable prices. One of my new favorites is LavenderSunCo, they have a wide selection of super cute, trendy pieces for your little one and their prices are definitely affordable. We received an outfit for Fall a few weeks ago and both the quality and style were amazing! Check it out!

More of Our Favorite Places To Shop
1. Zara – definitely one of our top stores, especially for Fall vintage looks
2. ArroseCo – Favorite handmade shop for bummies and Leo’s
3. Daisyshandmade – handmade shop for OOAK designs made out of upcycled tees
4. Facebook BST Groups – tons of sold out and exclusive new/excellent used condition items from Zara, Mini Melissa’s, Hunter, etc.

When shopping for your little one, what are the main things you look for? What are some of your favorite children’s clothing stores?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post featuring LavenderSunCo  & some of my favorite small shops/stores.