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Toddler Mom Must Haves: Our Favorites

This post highlights some of my favorite products that I’ve purchased for me and my little one within the last few months. Some products I may have mentioned on my Instagram but we absolutely love all of these products. All images are linked to the direct product so feel free to check them out.

Each product will be listed by category.


We recently got this water table and it is definitely one of A’miya’s favorite summer toys! It’s not too complicated to set up but it does require two people and a screwdriver. It’s totally worth it though! It comes with the perfect amount of toys to keep your little one busy, we purchased a cheaper version a few weeks prior and returned it due to the lack of toys included but this one is perfect, definitely worth the exttra bucks.
We’ve had our trampoline for a few months now and it’s still used almost daily. When A’miya started going to gymnastics back in February, I thought it would be a good way to reinforce what she learns in class and keep her active on her off days.
It’s definitely a great way to keep your little one’s active indoors.


This tray is perfect for snacks, the sections are literally the perfect servings sizes. Our favorite go-to snacks to put in our tray are vanilla yogurt raisins, cheese squares, blueberries, grapes, cookie butter for dipping and pretzel bites. I think the bus shape makes snack time more fun for toddlers!  PLUS it comes with a cover for carrying snacks on the go!

These sandwich cutters are my absolute favorite. They will definitely turn a boring meal into a fun one in seconds. My daughter is living proof that the way you present food matters, I tried giving her cheese squares and she refused to eat it (now mind you. . she asked me for cheese) so I ignored her, grab the mini cutters and cut the cheese into stars and flowers put them in her bowl and on her table. Well, what do you know I a few minutes later, they’re all gone! Trust me, these sandwich cutters are not only super cute but they make mealtime more interesting!


Re-play Recycled is definitely our go-to tableware, I absolutely love all their collections, but our favorite is the princess collection{pictured above}. I LOVE the sippy cups especially, my biggest issue is usually cleaning the rubber spout but I don’t have that issue with these since the spout is hard and the rubber piece is removable. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Now that A’miya is learning to drink from a cup like a big girl, we will be getting their drinking cups next!
We’ve been using this sippy cup for a few months now and she loves it! I’m always getting questions about how it works and where we got it from, it’s spill proof and super easy to use. This is literally a miracle cup, I feel like it has really helped my daughter learn how to drink from a cup without spilling the whole thing on herself. A huge plus for us is the only time it leaks is if it’s dropped on the floor. Definitely a toddler must have!

L E A R N I N G 

These puzzles boards are the BEST! If you have watched my stories on Instagram, you’ve seen A’miya in action doing the color puzzle herself. Between this and her sorting bears, they have definitely helped her learn her colors. We haven’t received our alphabet and number puzzle boards as yet, but once we do I’m sure they will be just as beneficial as the color board. The little peg handle is perfect for little hands too!

This alphabet carrying case was one we purchased awhile back. My daughter is obsessed with Elmo so it is still frequently used, definitely helps with letter recognition and colors. My neice is 4 and plays with it as well, so it can also entertain prescchoolers as well.
LOVE these! This is where it all started, I purchased this sorting bear set a few months ago and we started off by doing 2 colors a day with 6 bears each and practiced each set for about 3 days, after a few weeks we tried sorting all the bears at once and suprisingly she was able to sort them all by color. This set is definitely a toddler learning must have!

O N – T H E – G O

This is kind of a mix between feeding and on-the-go but we literally only use this fork set on the go, it is honestly a diaper bag staple for us. It’s super convenient for when we’re dining at a restaurant like no more worries about germs and whether or not the utensils are properly sanitized. I love this set and the carrying case makes it super easy to keep in our diaper bag. This is definitely a mommy must have!
Since we’ve been officially potty trained now!!! {WOOHOO!} These pads have literally been a lifesaver for us! I’m super you all know what it’s like being out and know bathrooms are not always close by but these pads really help keep A’miya’s clothes dry when we’re trying to locate the bathroom and a few drops might come out. We haven’t had any major accidents while wearing these but they are super absorbent and can hold one full bladder. Definitely helps potty training must easier on the go.
I absolutely love the mommy hook! When we went shopping a few weeks ago, I saw a mom with the mommy hook on her stroller and I just knew I needed it! It’s perfect for us especially since we’re always shopping, it’s so much easier to get in and out of the diaper bag and super convenient for hanging all the shopping bags. It just makes traveling with a baby/toddler so much easier! This is a definitely another mommy must have!

What are some of your favorite products for you and your little one? Have you tried any of these products? Let’s chat, feel free to comment and tell me about your toddler/mommy faves!

This post contains affiliate links to items I love, check them out and I’m confident you will too!