The Meaning Behind “Life As A Virgin”

A little backstory:
When the thought of blogging first came to my mind, a few years ago. . I had a list of names, all of which didn’t hold any meaning to me. These were just names I sat and thought about for days, sometimes weeks. & then one day while I was taking a shower (where I do most of my thinking) a name came to me but it wasn’t this name, it was {The Life Of A Virgin}.
I thought about it and started creating my blog but I didn’t feel like it really fit me and my blog. It seemed too general, so I sat there staring at my computer screen, and then it’s like a light bulb just went off in my head and I just began to type “Life As A Virgin” and I instantly fell in love with the name and the significance behind it.

Life As A Virgin was started with hopes of spreading positivity and awareness while also connecting with others & building long lasting friendships worldwide. Life As A Virgin is not your typical lifestyle blog, but rather my safe place where I can be me and express myself through my writing, sharing my personal life experiences and stories as a mom, college student, & young entrepreneur with my readers.

When you first came across my blog, you probably thought my blog was about the life of an actual virgin (someone whose never engaged in any sexual activity). Sorry to burst your bubble if that’s what you were hoping for, but it’s definitely not! It’s about my life {Akeyla Virgin}. I thought this name was perfect in every way possible, it was creative and defined me! Who would’ve thought I would come up with such an awesome blog name, out of a last name I was made fun of for having growing up. Being able to love and embrace the uniqueness of my last name and to find a way to share it with the world by doing something I love {writing} is such an amazing feeling.

Do you have a unique last name that others find weird? Is there something in your life that you were insecure about but grew to love? What is the meaning behind your blog name? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment, share & pin this post with others.