A Day in Wynwood

I always loved the beauty of art and it’s meaning. One of the perks of living in South Florida is the art walks in Wynwood/Downtown Miami, there are so many beautiful paintings by some very talented artist. I always loved the thought of going to Wynwood to take pictures and to be one of it’s many visitors but never had the chance until recently (a few weeks ago to be exact). Going to Wynwood to take pictures with my daughter was definitely a great experience.

As my interest in photography grows and my journey to becoming a photographer continues, I hope to visit Wynwood on a regular, once every two weeks or even every weekend. Wynwood is an incredible place for aspiring photographers or just about anyone who loves art.

What made this experience more amazing was being able to take these shots with my very first Canon (one of my dream camera’s) and I must say I am definitely in love and can’t wait to take pictures more often.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful! You will be a great photographer!

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